Volunteers must be at least sixteen years of age. We do have evening and weekend positions available that allow us to accommodate high school students during and after the academic year.

All volunteer positions within the Auxiliary require several hours of in house training from other Auxiliary volunteers and an indoctrination course from Volunteer Services in the Hospital that takes approximately two hours. The usual training time for the coffee or gift shops is four to six weeks consisting of four hours per week and is hands on with another volunteer.

The Auxiliary accepts volunteers on a year round basis so applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year.

It is our understanding this can be done but we ask all student volunteers to check with their Schools to be sure as these rules are always subject to change.

No. Volunteers receive a parking passes upon successful completion of training and indoctrination. This pass is only to be used while doing volunteer work. Parking passes are not to be used for any other reason.

Yes. All volunteers will be issued Hospital Identification badges and they must always be worn while volunteering at the Hospital.

Yes. Each shop has a convener who is responsible for the overall shop and a daily convener who is responsible for the daily operation of the shop. Each volunteer is provided direction by the daily convener who is also responsible for maintaining a full compliment of volunteers each day.

All volunteers in the coffee shop normally wear an auxiliary apron.